Referrals: Birth Wedding Senior Boudoir Photographer, Columbus Ga

Birth Wedding Senior Boudoir Photographers Columbus Ga

Photographer Referrals: Helping you find a Photographer in Columbus, GA.                                            Birth wedding senior boudoir photographer Columbus Ga

We like to take care of our clients and we know that finding the right photographer to document the different stages and moments in your life can be overwhelming. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Being a photographer ourselves, we tend to be very choosey with whom we will refer our clients to.  Many photographers choose to specialize in a specific genre of photography. We specialize in maternity, newborn and the first year milestones. Twice a year we offer a limited number of family sessions; in the fall and spring. We, however, do not offer wedding, birth, boudoir or senior portraits. Each genre may require various equipment, travel availability, on-call ability, etc. Since many of us choose to specialize in the genres that we love the most, your regular photographer may not do the specific genre of photography that you’re currently looking for. Birth wedding senior boudoir photographer Columbus Ga

 Birth wedding senior boudoir photographer Columbus Ga


When it comes to the different genres of photography that we do not offer, we want to be sure that we can still refer our amazing clients, and others who inquire about our services, to photographers who we know will provide quality portraits and excellent customer service. After much research, and reaching out to a variety of  photographers in the area, we are thrilled that we have been able to find  local, amazingly talented photographers. We spent a lot of time researching their quality of work and their reputation so that we can feel confident when we connect our clients with them. Below, you will find out why we chose each photographer, their contact information, a picture that represents just a touch of their amazing-ness and a little about each of them.



Birth: Neely Ker-Fox Photography 

Birth Photography Mom Baby

Photo Credit: Neely Ker-Fox Photography

Why we chose to refer them:

  • While we don’t offer birth photography here, we have researched our area and found the most amazing and talented birth photographer to connect our clients to.  Her images are not only beautiful, but, they have a way of bringing the emotion of the moment to life. We are confident, and a little picky, about who we will refer our clients to so you can rest assured that Neely is among the best birth photographers in the country.



 Birth wedding senior boudoir photographer Columbus Ga

A little about Neely Ker-Fox Photography:

Neely is a graduate of the University of Georgia, with a background in Advertising/Graphic Design and Art History. She’s been doing what she loves for a living for over 8 years.

Neely began her career as a professional photographer in 2009 and shot her first birth in 2011. Not long after she decided to specialize in birth photography and family photojournalism in 2013. Since then she’s been blessed to have photographed over 100 births and counting. Through the years she has garnered trusted relationships with countless doctors, midwives, anesthesiologists, nurses, and hospital staff, as well as gained a wealth of knowledge regarding prenatal, labor and delivery, and postpartum care. She also brings her own personal experiences through the birth of her own children.

She loves the Lord and continually tries to use her business as a mini-ministry.

She’s a wife and mother. She’s a hopeless romantic.

She’s obsessed with the details and the subtle nuances of everyday life.

She finds beauty in the simplicity of everyday.

She has the best job. Ever.


 Birth wedding senior boudoir photographer Columbus Ga

Weddings: Eliza Morrill Photography

Birth Wedding Senior Boudoir Photographer Columbus Ga

Photo Credit: Eliza Morrill Photography

 Birth wedding senior boudoir photographer Columbus Ga

Why we chose to refer them: 

  • We are frequently asked for referrals for weddings. We don’t offer those, however, after a lot of research and time we found Eliza Morrill Photography. Not only is she extremely talented, but, she is also incredibly sweet and her reputation is impeccable. That special day cannot be redone so sending our clients to the best of the best wedding photographers is of the utmost importance to us.




A little about Eliza Morrill Photography: 

Eliza Morrill is a nationally-published wedding photographer based here in Columbus. She’s been photographing weddings since 2012 and still tears up at *almost* every ceremony she photographs. She is a mother to three children under three – two-year-old twin boys and a sweet six-month-old girl. She and her husband also have a stubborn English bulldog, Bowie, who might as well be their fourth toddler.           Birth wedding senior boudoir photographers Columbus Ga
Her goal is to capture genuine emotion using natural light and create a fun, relaxed experience for all of her clients. Her team has recently grown to add an associate photographer, Jenn, whose addition has allowed her team to serve more couples in our area.

 Birth wedding senior boudoir photographer Columbus Ga

Senior Portraits: GB Daniels Portraits

Senior Portrait Graduation

Photo Credit: GB Daniels Portraits

Why we chose to refer them: 

  • Senior year is such an important milestone and we do not offer these so we wanted to make sure we found someone with amazing skills to refer our clients to. GB Daniels Portraits creates the most beautiful senior images and we are confident that  she will take excellent care of the clients that we send her way.

 Birth wedding senior boudoir photographer Columbus Ga

A little about GB Daniels Portraits:

Hello! I’m Ginny from GB Daniels Portraits and I have been serving seniors and moms in the Columbus, GA try-county area for 10+ years. 

Why do you need a professional photographer for your senior: Senior year is a huge milestone for parents and seniors, don’t trust your memories to just anyone with a nice camera, even if they are your well meaning friend. Your senior deserves an entire day and experience celebrating them and telling their story. The next time they have portraits made, it will likely be bridal ones. 

SENIORS: You are more than a number of likes on social media photos! There is so much about you that is special and you don’t even know it. You are perfect as you are, brave, smart, funny and most importantly ENOUGH. I know you want to do something different than your friends are doing for senior photos and we can create it together. We can be extra or low key – you choose. 

I get it because I AM a little extra, my studio is in a 40’s tour bus so that I can be mobile for you in this heat while providing a safe place to change. You are also welcome to come shoot at our private farm and create your own unique set that no one else will have. 

MOMS: Congratulations, you did it! You have raised an amazing young person and should be proud. I get it! As a mom of three I understand how overwhelming this all is and I’ve been there. My promise to you is to provide you with an amazing experience and classic portraits that you will both be proud of for a lifetime. My goal is to help you check off all the boxes on your stressful senior year to-do list. From grad card announcements to handling yearbook pages. I can help you. I want to ensure that you have proof of this wonderful year with custom framed artwork and heirloom albums to tell your senior’s story, not just digitals sent to their phone. 

Ten years from now, after they have graduated college, maybe are even married; I want you both to look back on this time together and remember how special we helped them feel, the good times from this year, their class and their unique style.  – XOXO GINNY D



 Birth wedding senior boudoir photographer Columbus Ga


Boudoir Photography: Calderón Foto


Boudoir Portrait Close Up

Photo credit: Calderón Foto

 Birth wedding senior boudoir photographer Columbus Ga

Why we chose to refer them:

  • Every woman should get to see how beautiful they really are and, since we don’t offer boudoir photography, we found the best of the best in Georgia to refer our clients to.  Calderón Foto is incredibly talented and we are thrilled to be able to connect our clients with someone so amazing and highly respected.



A little about Calderón Foto:  

Calderón Foto, located in Columbus, Georgia is a modern portrait studio that offers a variety of portrait styles to meet your photography needs. I’m here to help you celebrate a major milestone in life, document a special occasion, elevate your brand to that next level, land that interview, and even grow your social media following.

My promise is to honor and celebrate each client in photographs because I know a portrait is one of the most valuable treasures you will ever own. I can’t wait to show you the very best version of yourself! You will see yourself in a new light so whether you’re brimming with confidence or a bit shy, I will make this experience everything it should be and go all out to make you look and feel your best! 
I have spent the past 5 years teaching photography at CSU, Continuing Education. When I am not teaching or photographing clients, I love spending time with my partner and animals. I enjoy cooking, wine, dancing, pottery, and am always learning something new. I also try to travel to the coast every chance I get. 

 Birth wedding  photographer Columbus Ga


We hope that helps you with your search! We are sure that all of these ladies will exceed your expectations! If you’ve visited our blog and are looking for a maternity, newborn or first year photographer, then you’re in the right place! You can check out our maternity, newborn, milestone or first birthday gallery. If you would like to discuss what you have in mind please contact us here!


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 Birth wedding senior boudoir photographer Columbus Ga

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