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Little ones change so much during their first year of life and having portraits taken every few months is a great way to capture those moments before they’re gone. Many parents decide to do a session every three months during their first year. However, scheduling sessions every four months is also a great alternative. For all milestone sessions, you will be provided with various outfits and props for your session; no need to purchase outfits that you aren’t sure will photograph well. You will have a large variety of outfits available in our milestone collection so that your little ones portraits can be unique every time! Each session is tailored for your baby and their current developmental stage. 3 month sessions are done keeping in mind that your little one may have various limitations and adjustments will be made to keep it fun and comfortable for them (and you). 6 month sessions are a lot of fun as baby is usually becoming very expressive and maybe even sitting on their own. If they are not quite ready to sit on their own, don’t worry, there are many different things that we can do to help them stay safely upright and supported. At 9 month sessions, your little one is usually starting to figure out how to get around and they’re usually pretty excited about showing us how fast they can move. There are plenty of items in the studio to help us distract them and keep them still for long enough to capture those sweet, sometimes toothy, smiles. Milestone sessions are usually kept between 30 to 60 minutes in length. Their little attention spans just don’t allow for us to engage with them, for pictures, for a whole lot longer without them becoming overwhelmed and upset and we want to keep this a positive experience for them and for you!     Columbus ga infant photographer Plains Albany Americus Ellaville Sumter County Ga

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