Columbus Ga Baby Photographer – Ella

Columbus Ga Baby Photographer

We specialize in portraits from newborn through the first year. Those little ones are changing so much from birth to their first birthdays! We had the privilege of taking Miss Ella’s 9 month portraits a few weeks ago. This sweet girl has big, bright blue eyes and the sweetest smile. She obviously gets her adorable personality from her parents because they are both just wonderful people as well. You can tell that Ella is the light of their life. We were thrilled to get to install this gorgeous display in our office, featuring Ella in our 9, 12×12 Wood Heirloom wall art collection. Columbus Ga Baby Photographer

Columbus Ga Baby Photographer


Our First Set of The Day With Ella

We jumped right in when Ella arrived and she didn’t disappoint with that precious smile! She thought we were pretty funny and she looked darling in the custom outfits that we provide. Lots of neutrals and delicate touches were planned prior to her session date to make sure that Ella stayed the focus of all of her portraits.    Columbus Ga Baby Photographer



Capturing Those Moments That are Unique

Ella is a big fan of her thumb and we had to make sure to capture this stage and her adorable thumb-sucking habit. We, too, were a thumb-sucker as a baby so, don’t worry, Ella, we understand the fascination.   Columbus Ga Baby Photographer


Columbus Ga Baby Photographer

Floral Milk Bath

After capturing some more traditional, adorable portraits of Ella, we set up this dainty milk bath for her. Ella wasn’t too sure at first, but, her dad stayed nearby and then she realized this might actually be fun. Those flowers were so pretty that she thought they might taste good too, but, we made sure she didn’t actually eat any of them.   Columbus Ga Baby Photographer


Columbus Ga Baby Photographer

Ella’s Last Set of the Day


Ella had done so great for her other sets that we decided to try one last setup for her. At just 9 months old, that meant that she was about to be over this whole session. Luckily, we realized that Miss Ella was a fan of squeaky ducks and I was able to pull one out for her so we could capture these last few portraits.  Her mom and dad were able to come in for their gallery reveal appointment and we are so excited for their wood wall art pieces to come in so they can display them in their home.  Columbus Ga Baby Photographer

Columbus Ga Baby PhotographerColumbus Ga Baby Photographer


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