Photographs tell your story

Photographs Tell Your Story

Photographs are your story

Photographs tell your story

“A good snapshot stops a moment from running away.”
– Eudora Welty

It’s true though, isn’t it? Pregnancy seems to last a lifetime and then, before you know it, you’re holding that sweet, new baby in your arms. Counting their toes, their fingers wrapping around yours, their sleepy yawns and then snuggling into your familiar scent and drifting off to sleep. Those few weeks after baby is born life seems to go by in a blur. Long, sleepless nights, messy houses, soothing and rocking at 3am. It’s exhausting and beautiful and amazing and the start of this tiny new persons life and their little personality blooming. Before they change too much, before those sleepy smiles turn to toothy grins, before they stop fitting in the crook of your arm, these are the times to stop. Just stop and take it in. Have a professional capture all of those amazing, tiny details because, in the blink of an eye, those moments will be gone and they’ll be on to crawling and first words. 

Smart phones crash, facebook accounts get hacked, CD’s have become obsolete and flash drives corrupt. So many times, we have been contacted because a computer crashed or a CD was ruined or a flash drive no longer worked. Those parents are panicked, realizing that those photos may be gone forever and, sadly, they often are. However, the printed photograph, the heirloom canvas, the leather bound album and the metal prints won’t corrupt, they won’t become obsolete and they won’t get hacked. That is how you preserve your families story.       Photographs tell your story

“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.” ~ Andy Warhol

Did you ever sit with your mom, your dad, your grandparent, and flip through a photo album or a box of pictures? I remember sitting on my grandmas bed. She pulled out a shoe box full of photographs. She pointed out my mom when she was just a few years old in rain boots with her pet duck. Standing there with messy hair and a muddy face. I remember her showing me this beautiful couple on their wedding day. The photo was black and white and worn and it was my grandparents. They were married over 50 years. Not long ago my husband and I pulled out boxes of photos and photo albums and our kids came to sit with us. They were so excited looking at pictures of their dad with his soccer team and their mom with her cheerleading team. They giggled when they saw our wedding photos and talked about how young I looked. (thanks, boys lol) Then they pulled out their own baby photos asking who was who in each one. I showed them their professional portraits when they were just a few years old. Little toddler faces, silly smiles and chubby fingers holding each others hands. We spent hours going through those boxes and albums. It’s our family. It’s our history and our story. Do you remember sitting and looking through photos? Flipping through an album of college and then your wedding? Those are pretty special memories, aren’t they? They allow our loved ones to share with us what their life was like, the gown they wore at their wedding, their childhood toothy grin, the day they were born. One day, your child will ask what you looked like when they were in your tummy. They’ll want to know what they looked like when they were born; did they have hair? Did they look like their big brother or sister? Then, one day that is closer than it seems, your children will have their own family and those little ones will be asking their parents to see pictures of them when they were babies. Will they have images to look at? An album? A well-preserved canvas? Or will they hope that social media is still around and scroll through an old facebook page to see what their parents looked like? Will you go to load a flash drive only to discover that it has corrupted over time, as they tend to do, and those pictures are gone? Digital dust.      Photographs tell your story

“Photography is the story I fail to put into words.” ~ Destin Sparks

Why are you hiring a professional photographer? Because you realize how fast the moments go and you want a professional that is passionate about what they do to capture those moments for you. You want a portrait artist that is going to plan with you; from your outfits and locations to what artwork you want in your home. You want them to be invested in telling your story.  When you get to view your final images, you want to be connected to those moments and to the value of those memories. When you walk through your home, you want to look at that family portrait above your mantel, with accompanying images of your children and new baby, and smile. You want to remember those moments. You want to know that those moments are safe. They won’t be forgotten or missed. They will be preserved and passed down as part of your families history and their story. A quality photographer, who loves what they do, will want all of those things for your family too. What are your families memories worth?       Photographs tell your story

Quality prints last, others will fade. Don’t lose your story.

Professional photographers take pride in their work. It is their passion and their art and they want you to have the best quality prints and products to preserve your families memories. The labs they choose to use will be using high quality paper to print on and their computer will be calibrated to match the printer that the lab is using (so, what you see is what you get). The products are usually coated with a UV protectant to preserve your photos when they are exposed to sunlight or electric lighting. Your photographer will handle all of the ordering, cropping, any flaws and cover shipping costs. When you purchase stand-alone digitals you will become responsible for finding a lab to use, printing those images, paying for those products, covering shipping and handling any errors or replacements that may be necessary. If you never get around to printing those memories, where do they end up? In a drawer? Your full-service photographer will help guide you to ensure that you have the most beautiful, quality prints and products that look amazing on your walls and shelves. So, as your little one grows and they begin to ask mommy to see pictures of themselves in mommy’s tummy or pictures when they were just a baby, then you can point to the canvas on the wall or sit them on your lap while you flip through the pages of your heirloom album and show them how tiny they once were. Then, one day, when they are having babies of their own, and you’re becoming a grandparent, you can pass those timeless heirlooms down to them and they will have the chance to flip through those same albums and show their new little one just how little their own mommy and daddy used to be. 

“A good life is a collection of happy memories.” ~ Denis Waitley 

This is your story. Create memories. Document them. Print them. Treasure them. Save them. Hold them and preserve them.                  Photographs tell your story




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