What to wear for photos?

Newborn photographer Columbus ga.   What to wear for photos?

What to wear to your photography session is one of the top questions asked by my clients. Never fear, we are going to cover how to choose colors for various session types! what to wear for photos



First, let’s talk about some things you don’t want to wear for family photos.

  • Matching vs Coordinating: Please, please do not plan all matching clothes for your family photos. Coordinating clothes and colors that compliment each other will create a much more timeless look for your photos.
  • Busy patterns/stripes: Avoid busy patterns as it will distract from the main focus…You and your family! Stripes are usually not super flattering in photos. (A little pattern in a scarf, a plaid undershirt or accessory is okay though! If you have one item of clothing that is patterned, keep it to that one person and pull colors from it for your other family members.)
  • Do not wear clothing with words and/or characters on them. The words are hard to read in photos and, while we all love those fun cartoon characters, they are not the best choice for family photos.
  • Do not wear all black or you may resemble a family of mimes. Really…don’t do it.
  • Do not forget about what’s on your feet! Please, do not wear messed up sneakers that you mow the lawn in or bright pink and green running shoes. Please. I am begging you not to do this for photographers everywhere and to think about what is going on those feet! You can have everyone in photos dressed perfectly and if you make poor footwear choices it will throw off all of your images.
  • Don’t wear clothes that you are uncomfortable in. If you do, it will show through in your photos.
  • Don’t wear clothes that accentuate features that you would rather not draw attention to. If you hate your legs, don’t wear a short skirt. If you are self-conscious about your arms then a super short sleeved shirt is a bad choice.
  • Do not wear colors that will clash with your home decor. These will be portraits that you will want to hang up in your home and, if they clash with your decorating colors, then they won’t flow and you won’t be happy.
  • Don’t show up in wrinkled clothes. Please, don’t do this to your photographer and then ask them to photoshop out all of those wrinkles. It is a lot of work and they just might charge you for an extensive editing fee.
  • Don’t wear clothes that clash with the environment you’re having photos in. So, wearing beachy type clothes for pictures in the woods is going to look out of place. Keep the location in mind when choosing outfits.
  • Don’t leave your photographer out of the loop! It’s okay to email your photographer with pictures of your outfits so they can help steer you in the right direction, besides, that’s what we’re here for!

Fall Family Photos

Who doesn’t love fall family photos? Rich colors, falling leaves and crisp weather. We want to keep in mind that you will be in an environment that is likely going to be filled with deep yellows, oranges, reds and earthy browns. Wearing bright, springy colors are likely going to clash in this setting so let’s look at some pretty color combinations that will compliment your pictures. Below are some great choices to consider for fall family photo sessions. Rich, earthy tones are likely to compliment the colors we frequently see during the fall months.

what to wear for photos


























what to wear for photos

Spring Family Photos

Ahh…Spring. The plants are coming alive again, the sun is starting to come back out and flowers are popping up everywhere. It’s a great time to get family portraits done, but, let’s make sure that we have some color pallets to work with so your family can look their best. Light and airy is likely the look you’ll be going for in the spring. When we think of spring, we usually think of soft colors, pastels, flowers and sunshine. Below are some color choices to look at to inspire your spring family photo wardrobe choices.





what to wear for photos















what to wear for photos

Clothing choices during a newborn session. These will likely take place in a studio for that new, itty bitty baby’s comfort. So we aren’t working with fall colors and we aren’t working with spring colors either. You will likely be photographed against some type of solid background color or a wood backdrop. It is best to keep in mind that these photos are for you, for now, but in the long run they’re going to be passed down to your children and we want to keep them as timeless as possible for you. Neutral tones are best when planning for your newborn parent shots and family portraits. Whites, creams and grays are a great choice. However, again, we don’t want everyone in pictures to be dressed identical. I recommend that you pull from some of the color pallets above, that will flow with your home decor, and go with that. We want them to look beautiful on your walls and we want you to feel good. Using grey, cream or white as your base and then adding in a pop of color is a good way to ensure that your clothing choices aren’t going to overwhelm your photos and take the focus off of your sweet, new baby.

Some things to not wear for newborn photos:

  • Don’t wear red or other harsh tones. Babies tend to have more red hues in their skin as it is. Wearing red is likely to enhance that and throw off your baby’s skin tones.
  • Don’t wear clothes that are difficult to move in. You will need to be able to move your arms freely so that we can pose that sweet, little one close to you and, if your arms can’t move well, then that’s going to create a challenge.
  • Don’t wear clothes with words or logos on them. Logos and writing on clothes are a big distraction in photos. We want the focus to stay on you and your little one so save those outfits for another time.
  • Don’t worry about your shoes. These types of photos are typically waist up so your shoes won’t show anyhow. One less thing to stress about.
  • Don’t buy all matching clothes for your children. They’re cute for around the house or out and about, but, they don’t look the best in professional portraits. Remember, coordinating, not matching.
  • Don’t dress your family in all black.
  • For studio portraits, simple is better, avoid busy patterns and stripes.
  • Don’t worry about finding an outfit for your baby. Newborn photographers spend a great deal of time ensuring that we provide outfits that fit babies the best for photos without being baggy or overwhelming their little bodies. Most photographers will wrap your baby snuggly in a wrap that coordinates with your families colors or have them in their birthday suit. Either way, it keeps the focus on your family and your new baby, not on big, baggy clothing that doesn’t photograph well.

what to wear for photos

When you’re investing in a quality photographer and you’re going to spend the time to get all dolled up for pictures, don’t forget to take your clothing choices into consideration. Your photographer is likely very willing and happy to help you with your choices. Send them photos of outfits and let them guide you so that you have the very best outcome.

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